Community Mutual Insurance Company provides coverage and service to our agents and policyholders for the following Lines of Business:


  • Preferred Homeowners (An owner-occupied home built in the last 25 years)
  • Standard Homeowners
  • Seasonal and Secondary Homeowners

Property and Liability Package Insurance coverage is provided for 1 or 2 family owner-occupied dwellings. Coverage for loss to the residence, private structures, personal property, additional living expenses and comprehensive personal liability coverage is provided all in one policy.


Fire, Allied Lines and Liability Insurance coverage is provided for 1 and 2 family non-owner occupied dwellings and 3 and 4 family owner and non-owner occupied dwellings.


Fire and Allied Lines Insurance coverage is provided for Residences, Farm Residences, Related Private Structures, Manufactured Homes and Personal Property in Residences and Apartments.


Most homeowner policies do not cover flood damage. Should you have Flood Insurance? Get answers and learn about the National Flood Insurance Program.

A listing of NFIP participating communities is available at

Further general information about the NFIP, including a quick test of whether your property is in a low, moderate or high risk zone, can be found at

More information can be found in the NFIP’s brochure.