Homeowners Policies

  • Preferred Homeowners (An owner-occupied home built in the last 25 years)
  • Standard Homeowners
  • Seasonal and Secondary Homeowners
Property and Liability Package Insurance coverage is provided for 1 or 2 family owner-occupied dwellings. Coverage for loss to the residence, private structures, personal property, additional living expenses and comprehensive personal liability coverage is provided all in one policy.

AM Best Rated

ResizedImage20149 ambestfinancialstrength
A.M. Best Co., the financial services company, has rated the financial strength of all four of the Union Mutual of Vermont companies as A Minus (Excellent) with a positive outlook.

Looking for New Agents

Community Mutual welcomes new agents to serve our policyholders needs. Our friendly staff greatly values our Agency relationships. We offer competitive commissions and the personal touch that supports an ease of doing business.
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